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Unequal access to educational opportunities for lower income and minority folks systematically keeps them off-track for entry to competitive four year colleges and prosperous careers. The problem, which is commonly referred to as the "achievement gap," is severe and widespread across the country--of the 11 million US school-aged kids presently living in poverty, more than 10 million of them are projected not to earn a college degree. The social costs are quite devestating. McKinsey estimated, for example, that eliminating the achievement gap would add roughly 3-5% to US GDP, but perhaps more importantly the moral tragedy of not giving certain kids the preparation they need to have a fair shot at a good life demands our attention. As one leading thinker has shown, the "uncomfortable reality" is that the conventional approaches to these and other daunting social problems (government, etc.) aren't making fast enough progress--we're not winning. It's time to think creatively about alternative paths to solving these intractable issues... 


Our goal is to ensure that all school-aged children of our employees graduate from a competitive four year college (or alternatively are "career-ready" in the competitive field of their choice).  Each of our employees commits to this path; we in turn commit our resources to helping them get there.  As a social enterprise, our janitorial business provides the funding to achieve our goal. This gives us the advantage of scalability: so long as we continue to grow our business intelligently and profitably, there's theoretically no limit to the degree of progress we can make in putting a dent in the achievement gap.  Our education services provide a holistic and powerful set of interventions for our employees' kids to stay on track for and to gain access to competive four year colleges–proven, researched solutions to the biggest hindrances to educational attainment. 

1. Every child will attend a high performing school with a track record for college readiness. Researchers call this "economic integration" and it may be the closest thing we have to a wonder drug in solving the achievement gap.

2. At-risk kids are probabilistically behind grade level and require help outside the classroom (tutoring, mentoring, after-school and summer school, etc.) to catch up.

3. Woven into on-the-job training, our employees/parenets will learn and build the habits (knowledge, desire, etc.) to make themselves self-sufficient in securing great education and future for their kids.

4. Accountability for every child getting into college means our mission team continually monitors and ensures each child is on track to college.

5. Our team of education experts guide the evaluation and continual improvement of our educational services.