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About Us

Ezistock creates a system through which the artisans of Thailand can sell their handcrafted works to the global consumer market.

Many of these talented artisans are barely eking out a living. This is partly due to the downward spiral of the global economy, limited exposure to their work, and the several layers of intermediaries involved in the commercialization of their works.

At Ezistock, we provide the artisans with technical assistance, with an e-commerce platform and with access to our wholesale channels. We have streamlined layers of intermediaries along with the associated mark-up, providing the artisans with a higher percentage of proceeds while offering consumer access to high-quality yet cost-efficient craftsmanship.

As a result the artisans sell their products at a premium, making a better living, local artistic traditions are disseminated and preserved, and global consumers benefit by having convenient access to limited edition collectibles while advancing fair trade, sustainability and environmentally responsible principles.

Priority is given to products hand-made by individual artisans, artisans grouped in families and associations who have made a commitment to employ renewable resources and to follow globally recognized ethical labor practices. We particularly support women, ethnic minority peoples, disabled or disadvantaged artisans.

We currently work with more than 400 artisans or artisans groups.