Joseph Initiative Limited

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About Us

The Joseph Initiative Limited (JI) is a Ugandan grain trading company with infrastructure and operations throughout Western Uganda. As an integrated supply chain and grain management company, the JI purchases, processes, bulks, and markets maize, capturing integration efficiencies and effectively managing quality. The JI leverages a network infrastructure of rural maize aggregation centers and village agents to source high quality grains from farmers and feed centralized processing factories in Masindi and Kasese. By managing the bulking and aggregation process from the farm gate downstream the value chain, the JI more efficiently sources and handles maize produced by smallholder farmers (80% of the primary producers throughout East Africa) and cuts post-harvest losses due to insufficient quality management capabilities. This drives trade margins and volumes while maintaining quality control across the value chain. This competitive advantage improves market share for the company and drives value for investors.

Additionally, the JI partners with farm partners to spur their agricultural productivity by providing extension services, financial services and high-quality inputs. This end-to-end integration—from farmer to market—generates tremendous social impact by unlocking market value for farmers and improving their production practices. As such, the Joseph Initiative has significant public-sector stakeholders including USAID, UKAID/DFID and the World Food Programme.