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Write For Right promotes education and health through creation of media including, books, music, poetry, film and art. Write For Right assists creators, writers and artists to gain access to the tools, education and support that they need to create and publish their works around the world.  Write For Right is a humanitarian for profit project of the publishing arm of Xt Blue, Inc.  The goal of the project is to create a sustainable publishing business where the profits are used to support the goals of the project.


WRITE NOW PROJECT: The Write Now Project is starting by focusing efforts on the ever growing population of prison inmates and ex-offenders by helping to install basic tools and projects in prisons that help facilitate writing of books and music and provide support to selected ex-offenders to enable them to publish and promote their works. Many people are unaware of the fact that the majority of prisoners in the United States (and many other countries) have no access to word processors even in facilities where computers are present for educational purposes. 

As part of the Write Now Project, Write For Right is providing book and music publishing contracts (and in some cases jobs) to suitable artists that are selected from a pool of ex-offenders that have been released from prison.  Ex-offenders are selected for the project based on the quality and marketability of their works and based on the amount of funding available for the project.  At the moment the founding publisher Xt Blue, Inc. is the primary financial sponsor of the project. It is the goal that the profits remaining after the artists have been paid from the sales of their works will be enough to continue to expand and help sustain the project in the long run in order to achieve its humanitarian goals.

In 2014, Write For Right has already contracted its first artist, Eric Majors paid for the production and publication of his book and hired him as a spokes person for the organization.  Eric Majors was released from U.S. Federal Prison in September of 2013 and is a prolific writer who has written what we believe to be an excellent non-fiction book entitled “Dot Money.” The book is now available on Amazon, Kindle and for order in most major book stores.  The work is scheduled to start being promoted in February 2015.  

Eric Majors and his book "Dot Money" is an excellent example of a former prisoner who wrote much of his current works while in prison and who has something very important and marketable to say with many more books to come. For more information about Eric Majors please visit his website www.EricMajor.Com.  For more information about his first book being published and promoted by Write For Right and Xt Blue, please visit www.DotMoneyBook.Com.

There are many people incarcerated throughout the world. Prison populations in the United States are the highest in the world. There are many people in prison today and who are being released who have created amazing works of art including writings, music and screenplays. Many of these people have amazing experiences, insights and stories to tell and important things to say.  


In order for the Write To Right Project to be successful it is necessary for the first projects to generate enough profits to properly launch and sustain the project.  In today’s environment what is really needed in order to get great artists, books, music and screenplays noticed is a substantial financial advertising budget.  Proper promotion of a book like our first project “Dot Money” requires a budget of over $250,000 USD over the course of an 18 month period including, road shows, advertising, in print, television, etc.. Dot Money is an excellent project to start with because it is a book that provides a solution for individuals and governments around the world to help create economic stability and there is even a business that has been started based on the ideas presented in the book.  It is an important work that can be marketed around the world. But without a substantial advertising budget the Dot Money book and the Write For Right Project is at risk of never even being noticed.

Xt Blue, Inc. has already contributed a substancial amount of money to the Write For Right Project and to finance the creation of the first book Dot Money, and help provide a paying job for the first artist that was essential in order for him to complete the book.  

If we can get this first book to get the advertising that it needs in order to generate substantial sales then the Write For Right Project will be self funding and will be able to hire more eligible artists, creating jobs for ex-offenders and further expanding the entire project to help other up and comming artist around the world to get their works published and promoted.

Please help us by making a donation today and buying the artwork and books on offer at www.WriteForRight.Com .  Write For Right is a for profit organization and as such your gift is not tax deductable.  However, if you have a friend or a loved one who is incarcerated or know people in your community who have been impacted because one of their loved ones is in prison then please help us with this important project to help improve the lives and conditions for those in prison and those being released today.

If you are a business and wish to assist the project and gain a tax deduction at the same time then please consider purchasing advertising products from the proceeds of which go to help finance the project.


The positive therapeutic and educational effects of writing (both fact and fiction) and creating works of art are well recognized to improve health, happiness and reduce crime. In the United States and around the world many people who could benefit from self expression through writing and creating works of art have little or no tools, education or support to create or publish their work. These disadvantaged groups of people include people who are in poverty, prisoners, ex-offenders and the handicapped.

MISSION (www.RightForRight.Com)

Write For Right promotes education and health through creation of media including, books, music, poetry, film and art. Write For Right assists creators, writers and artists to gain access to the tools, education…

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