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Dar es Salaam

About Us

UBONGO is a Tanzanian social enterprise that creates engaging and locally relevant educational content for learners in Africa. Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we make video, audio and interactive learning materials to be delivered to via TV, radio, web, mobile and local delivery partners.

We're currently in production on Bunga Bongo, an animated TV show that uses stories to teach math to students in Tanzania. Students can interact live with the show from even the most basic mobile phones, participating in the show and competing to win prizes.

We are serious about getting the best, most engaging and locally relevant content to students across East Africa. We partnering with various NGO's and organizations to ensure that our content can reach and help the students in most need. If you're interested in our work, please do get in touch!

Watch this video to find out more about UBONGO: http://youtu.be/um_dfDPMCAM