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315 West 57th Street
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About Us

LitLife’s main focus is consulting in schools. We develop sustainable literacy initiatives alongside teachers, administrators and students in a wide variety of schools. Our consulting is tailored to each school environment: whether a school is ranked among the best in the state or is failing to meet state standards, LitLife creates teaching that helps every student excel by constantly adapting our services to fit the individual needs of our partners. We build flexible frameworks that are standards-based and outcomes-driven, but best of all, are doable and fun for teachers and students. At LitLife, our aim is to help school communities achieve true balance in this work: between process and products, journeys and destinations, and joy and rigor.

We design curriculum along a spiraling continuum that carries learning throughout grade levels. We develop strategic plans for literacy achievement at all grades K-12. LitLife empowers students to exceed national learning standards by training teachers wisely and well. We give teachers practical strategies and management tools to create a healthy, productive classroom. By motivating teachers, we inspire a love of reading and writing in their students. LitLife works in schools to create vibrant learning environments, using concrete techniques for achieving one hundred percent literacy success for all children. We train teachers in a variety of ways, including on-site demonstration teaching and coaching, leadership training workshops, mini-courses on best-practice methods for literacy instruction, and online support.