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About Us

Our Company

Off.Grid:Electric is the world’s first massively scalable off-grid electric company. It exists to provide affordable and reliable energy to communities that currently lack such power. The company utilizes distributed renewable energy to sell power as a service to customers who suffer from an expensive grid, an unreliable grid, or have no electrical grid access at all.

We provide 24/7 clean energy to anyone, anywhere. Our aim is to deliver a complete technical, operational and financial model that makes incredibly high quality renewable electrical services affordable to millions of homes. The company was founded by a team of world-class, venture-backed entrepreneurs and is headquartered in Arusha, Tanzania.

Our Business

Our M-POWER service has less environmental impact, is cheaper, quieter, and more reliable than a diesel generator. Additionally it is cleaner, healthier, brighter, and more affordable than kerosene lamps. It is also less expensive and more dependable than grid-supplied electricity in many countries.

M-POWER represents an innovative approach to the market, whereby customers pre-pay for energy services. Energy is provided by small, world-class plug-and-play solar systems installed in their homes. This turnkey, no risk service is the secret to mass market adoption of solar. M-POWER systems include not just the energy system, but the world’s most efficient lights and small appliances. Consumers do not buy hardware they merely pay a fee for the service. This radically reduces both the cost and the risk to each user.

After systems are installed, customers pay for the use of the system by purchasing credit and receiving unlock codes for their systems. Payments and codes are sent exclusively via mobile transactions which allows for a wide distribution of customers. Should a system require repair or a customer wish to upgrade, Off.Grid:Electric provides complete support and technical services ensuring that no M-POWER customer is ever left in the dark.