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About Us

GreenHatters is an initiative to better the environment and leave a safer and cleaner planet behind for our children and all future generations. The environment is one of the biggest issues of the day, and it requires immediate mediation. We believe one of the key target areas is energy conservation, owing to one important fact - it is an avenue for carbon reduction.

Awareness is the fundamental issue in all sustainability lead causes. We have started by funding the development of some educational films to kick-start the larger sustainability program. We want to create awareness for carbon emissions.

Our product CarbonGobbler lets you monitor your carbon footprint, helps you with comparison of your energy use at intricate points of consumption in a home or office, providing users with pointers on how to potentially reduce energy consumption, reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Do not under estimate what you can do for the Environment individually; the picture is huge at a collective level to create an impact.