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About Us

Our Mission: Make Energy Efficiency Easier for Homeowners

There is one simple idea underlying everything we do—we make energy efficiency easier and more accessible for homeowners. Energy efficiency upgrades can be daunting, so we create software-driven solutions to streamline the process.

EnergySavvy for Programs

We build software systems that integrate with utility and government energy efficiency programs. Our solutions accelerate uptake and guide homeowners through the upgrade process. Smart program managers know that a smooth homeowner experience goes a long way towards achieving the energy efficiency goals of their programs. We've publicly announced EnergySavvy for Programs and we're working on some exciting new products that are still under wraps. Website showcases our software. The site helps homeowners across the country learn about making their homes more efficient, take advantage of incentives and connect with the best energy efficiency contractors in the industry.

Partners, Customers and Friends

We recognize that innovation and progress require collaboration. Our customers, partners and friends include:

  • The U.S. Department of Energy
  • The Energy Trust of Oregon
  • Utah's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program
  • Clean Energy Works Oregon and Seattle's Community Power Works
  • CSG, PECI, BPI, Recurve, Efficiency First and energy efficiency contractors across the country