Caminhos Language Centre

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Rua Farme de Amoedo 135
Rio de Janeiro - Ipanema

About Us

Caminhos Language Centre – Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Caminhos Language Centre is the largest and most exciting Portuguese School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have an excellent infrastructure and a strong team of Brazilian teachers. Since we opened in 2009, we continuously evaluate and develop our curriculum and services and have become the leading Portuguese school in Brazil following these principles: "Learn Portuguese and experience Brazilian culture whilst supporting a good cause".

Caminhos was founded with the objective to support Brazilian children in need. Over the years, the school has invested more than half of its profits into social welfare causes. We have our own social program called ‘Mais Caminhos’, for Brazilian children. Children come to the school from nearby ‘favelas’ to learn and have fun. At Caminhos you learn Portuguese while your fee supports underprivileged children! We also offer short and long term volunteer opportunities.