Mountain Hazelnuts Group

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No. 8 Chang Jalu

About Us

Mountain Hazelnuts Group (MHG or the Company) is a triple bottom line social venture operating in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan that believes profit and positive social impact are not mutually exclusive. The Company aims to prove this thesis by giving farmers hazelnut plantlets, training them on best farming practices, and providing constant on-the-ground support as they utilize their fallow land to grow this low-labor cash crop. MHG simultaneously creates reliable income generation for farmers and profit for itself and its shareholders by buying back farmers' harvests at a guaranteed price, processing nuts in-country and supplying to international markets.

MHG's mission is to curb rural to urban migration through job creation in eastern Bhutan, counteract erosion through reforestation of fallow land, and supply the fast growing demand for hazelnuts around the globe. The Company is led by an team of professionals with outstanding records of developing successful ventures in Asia.