Cause Marketing Summit

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New York

United States

About Us

The Cause Marketing Summit is an opportunity for nonprofit professionals and civic-minded business professionals to team up for the greater good.   This interactive summit showcases best practices in cause marketing.  Content experts will present case studies about cause marketing efforts that have been successful and mutually beneficial in the past. Participants will engage in creating their own cause marketing strategy.

Nonprofits are competing for funds now more than ever and brands are being challenged by consumers to be more socially responsible. The Cause Marketing Summit will teach you how to take your brand to the next level with cause marketing.

At the Cause Marketing Summit, you will learn how to create authentic, and inspiring content with cause-minded professionals across all sectors.  Check out our current list of confirmed speakers and panelists.

Attract like-minded individuals and companies to your purpose

Engage your target audience by partnering for the greater good

Ignite a movement by developing relationships that make it easy to spread the word about your business/organization and raise MONEY