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About Us

Impacto Social Metropolitan Group is a full-service, strategic and creative agency that builds the power of voice and resources of the people, organizations and communities that drive social change. Since 1989, our sister company, Metropolitan Group has worked exclusively on behalf of social purpose, mission-driven organizations—some of the world's leading nonprofits, foundations, public agencies and socially responsible businesses. Including our sister company, Metropolitan Group, we have offices located in Chicago, Mexico City, Portland, OR, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

We do two things: we directly impact social change, and we build the capacity of organizations that drive social change. We work at the intersections of environmental sustainability, public health and economic equity. We know from 28 years of experience that these issue areas are not silos, but rather, are inextricably linked. About half of our work is designing and implementing campaigns and initiatives that change attitudes, behaviors, practices and policies. We are pioneers of public will building—creating shifts in normative community expectations to drive lasting change. The other half is helping organizations develop effective strategic plans and powerful brands, raise funds, and build cultures that better help them drive social change.

We offer a range of services within four integrated practices:

  • Building powerful social purpose brands, social change campaigns and public will for sustainable change (Strategic Communication)
  • Developing effective organizational strategies and cultures (Organizational Development)
  • Effectively engaging multicultural audiences and communities (Multicultural Engagement)
  • Raising philanthropic and public resources (Resource Development)

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