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About Us

Undone Chocolate is a Washington DC based bean to bar chocolate company. We make chocolate from cocoa beans sourced directly from small producers in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Bolivia. In doing so we pay three times the premium of fair-trade and support a vertically integrated supply chain. We work with partners who visit the farms and co-ops at least once per year and the money used to purchase our beans has gone to support projects in the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. These projects have included the building of a central fermentary in Alto Beni, Bolivia and support co-op infrastructure in the San Francisco de Dacoris San region of Dominican Republic as well as the cacao growing region surrounding Matagalpa, Nicaragua.
We are also just starting a project to bring in beans from Haitian farmers and help build infrastructure in Haiti to make their cacao accessible to US manufacturers.

Our mission is to craft fine chocolate and support and grow producers who are using ethical and sustainable practices to grow high quality cocoa.