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About Us

BubblenutWash is a brand of natural detergent launched by the social enterprise Harvest Wild. Harvest Wild was conceived by an Indian student out of the need to provide a reliable source of livelihood to some of the rural communities living in and around particular forest areas in India. Totaling over 100 million, the indigenous people are insulated from the technological, social and economic advancements of the modern world. While many of these people have never been to a school, they spend most of their time on the farms to grow enough for themselves or forage through the forests for food, fuel and medicinal herbs. Thanks to living in the lap of nature, the forest communities have accumulated a great knowledge system in utilizing herbs, fruits, flowers, seeds, nuts and barks of the forests in their lifestyles. Adding  business skills and education to this knowledge,  Harvest Wild propagates the use of these organic forest products and helps the local communities.Harvest Wild has taken up the task to work to identify unique forest products that have market potential in the mainstream society and can hence benefit the community economically. To begin with, Harvest Wild has identified soapnuts as a commercially viable product. Soapnuts are a natural cleaning device that have been used for hair wash, dish wash and laundry wash for centuries. However, these nuts grow on some of the toughest terrains, either on the Himalayan slopes or deep inside the forests of peninsular India.

Harvest Wild works mobilizes unprivileged rural women into producer groups who work to collect soapnuts all through Autumn and Spring seasons. They are trained to sort, grade, dry and pack and ship soapnuts for washing machine use. The market access provided by Harvest Wild enables women producer groups to generate additional income that can be spent on their children’s education and health.Harvest Wild has set itself an ambitious goal of reaching out to at least 1 million households.

We cannot imagine doing this alone, but only with the love and support of millions of individuals who would prefer our brand of soapnut detergent ‘Bubble Nut Wash’ over their regular chemical-heavy detergents.