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About Us

MPOWERD is providing renewable solutions to power the world. We are working to abolish energy poverty through the development and manufacturing of innovative, affordable lighting and power products. Our present focus is on micro solar-powered light, changing the world one person at a time.

We are positioning ourselves to be the world's leading for purpose technology incubator, accelerator and manufacturer providing lifestyle innovations to those that need it most. Our products will supersede, replace and eliminate the dirty, dangerous, costly and harmful means by which people are presently forced to find light.

We also serve governments and industry with our off-grid technology solutions by providing a more dependable and sustainable power grid. Lastly, we support innovation and entrepreneurship in developing nations by establishing manufacturing and distribution opportunities and tools for our products.

MPOWERD is a B-Corp, a pioneer in a new class of for companies using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems – a hybrid between do-gooder non-profits and green capitalism. At its core, it is about ethics meeting aesthetics, doing good and doing well, for profit and for purpose.