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About Us

Three things in the status quo that are simply not OK with us:

  1. As many as 30 million americans are unemployed or severely underemployed. At the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of unfilled software engineering jobs, and that number grows every year.

  2. The for profit higher education system is broken, with rising tuition, poor results, and mounting student debt.

  3. Tech has a diversity problem: Women are largely underrepresented, and Blacks and Latinos are almost invisible. As a result the future is being built by people who represent a fraction of it.

These problems share at least one common solution.

Learners Guild’s mission is to ensure that anyone who has the will and capacity to become a professional software developer to do so.

We achieve this goal by building a learning community of aspiring software developers that is highly scaleable.

We build systems that support a thriving learning culture: inclusive, safe, and effective. We invest financial, curricular, and mentoring support in our learning communities. We believe learning is a collective and personal transformation: we provide social and emotional intelligence curricula to facilitate the journey.

We believe learning should be profitable for everyone: We are for purpose and for profit. We do not sacrifice one for the other. Our financial goals are aligned with our learners. We only profit when they do and aim to create significantly more value than we extract.

With our learners, we take full responsibility for every member learning the craft and gaining meaningful employment.