Burning Candles

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About Us

Burning Candles Productions is a social enterprise Liberian arts company duly registered with the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism of Liberia, and a member of the Liberia Movie Union. The Production was first organized by a group of High School Students and young film enthusiasts in May 2006. Today, over 80 percent of the production's staff are young people. 

Burning Candles Productions also uses innovative social marketing strategies for  public and social benefits. Our goal strives purely on innovation, and through our many films, training, grants, media events and community programs, young people are empowered and morally supported to fulfill lifelong creative dreams and talents, and mentored to produce quality films that compete in the International market. The Production is working to expand its reach in the rural areas of Liberia. Our programs include the PI NetworkTechnology for Education, the Creative Grant SchemeDream Contests, and the Liberia Film Academy.

Our Mission:

"We are a production with the mission to morally and financially empower young Liberians to fulfill lifelong creative dreams, talents, and passions, and enhance their skills in Art and Film technology through the provision of grants, training, impact films, and an international support network."

Our Vision:

"We envision a world where young people, irrespective of religious, cultural or economic status can equally access technological and educational opportunities, and turn their creative dreams, passions, and talents into reality." 

Our Core Values:

We strive purely on Purpose, Action, Innovation
We have a passion to create impact films and make a social change
We are a support network for and by young people
We are active partners and we dare to dream
We are a mirror image of what we advocate for
We challenge the status quo

For more information on the Production or any of our programs, send an inquiry email to info@godreambig.org.