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About Us

Based in Berkeley, California, Senda Athletics is a fair trade soccer ball company that launched in 2011. We sell top quality soccer balls and training gear to various clubs, teams, and organizations. Senda also partners with non-profit organizations through donating soccer equipment in support of social change through soccer.

As a certified fair trade company, we believe that our workers in the factory should not be treated merely as labor inputs, but rather people. Fair trade means having clean and safe working conditions, reasonable hours, receiving a fair wage, and no child labor. Senda pays the factory a fair trade premium, an additional sum of money that is used toward community projects, such as a fair price shop, scholarships for children, and affordable eye-care.

Fair trade not only benefits our producers, but our customers as well. We believe that happier people make better products, and you can rest assured that our products were made in fair conditions.