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About Us

The LifeStraw® business is a market leader in providing safe drinking water with a mission to redefine the drinking water space through quality and design. While the core competency of the LifeStraw® business is in technologies that treat water for health impact, the business differentiates itself through an organization that carries these technologies from R&D through manufacturing, sales and program implementation – ensuring that the right technology is provided to the right markets with the training and education they need (i.e. Investing fully in every aspect of the value chain).

Cause Marketing sales drive our objective to shift the responsibility to provide safe water in developing countries from governments and donors to the consumer. By harnessing the power of the consumer market and directly engaging our retail community, the cause marketing program creates a direct link between consumer purchases and a specific and measurable impact in schools that do not have access to safe drinking water- For every LifeStraw purchased, one child in a developing country will receive safe drinking water at school for an entire year.   

Vestergaard has been a family-owned company for over 60 years, and operates under a unique “humanitarian entrepreneurship” business model that is dedicated to creating and deploying technologies that improve the lives of people in developing countries. We are driven by an abiding desire to lessen the burden on the most vulnerable populations and we have aligned our business objectives with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Vestergaard is not content with “business as usual,” and has been at the forefront of innovation of disease prevention in the developing context. Backed by research in the lab and in the field, our disease-control products include cutting-edge PermaNet® 3.0 bed nets, ZeroVector® Durable Lining, and ZeroFly plastic sheeting; award-winning and widely used LifeStraw® and LifeStraw® Family water filters; and innovative frameworks to reach those in need, like our LifeStraw Carbon for Water campaign, and the integrated CarePack®. Thanks to our robust product portfolio, more than half a billion people in the developing world will enjoy a brighter and healthier future. Our staff design, develop, test, refine and support the distribution of these products to NGOs, aid agencies, faith-based organizations, ministries of health, and socially responsible companies. We work closely with those distributing our products to ensure that beneficiaries are satisfied; our presence in the field is a point of pride, and is essential to understanding the needs of the end users of our innovations.

Our global headquarters is in Switzerland, with regional offices in India, Kenya, the US, and Vietnam ensuring a global reach.