Encore Renewable Energy

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About Us

Encore Renewable Energy is an integrated clean energy company focused on commercial, municipal, industrial and community-scale solar PV systems and 21st century solutions for the redevelopment of underutilized property.

As a Certified B Corporation, we have learned from a great community of industry leaders that share a similar commitment to building better businesses — ones that improve the communities in which we work, create high-quality jobs, and value employees as important team members, while also creating shareholder value. At Encore we look to do these things while contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable energy industry. We are proud to share the same visions of our fellow B Corp companies, whether they be those focused on the environment, social justice or other equally important missions. “For nearly 10 years, our mission has been to foster sustainable community growth; advancing clean energy and other redevelopment projects on environmentally challenged and underutilized properties. We have always defined sustainable growth in a holistic manner which includes the creation of quality jobs, protecting the environment, and strengthening our communities, along with the economic bottom-line,” - Chad Farrell, Encore’s CEO.

Based in Burlington, Vermont, Encore’s philosophy is to create harmony between the natural and built environment that fosters sustainable economic growth, environmental awareness and community benefit. Commercial scale solar PV projects and the development of projects on undervalued and otherwise undevelopable land, including landfills, brownfields and rooftops, are cornerstones of Encore Renewable Energy. With projects in our home state of Vermont and along the Eastern seaboard, Encore is a leading clean energy company in the Northeast.