Bluesource Renewables, L3C

  • Utah

About Us

Bluesource Renewables, L3C (BSR) is a low-profit company designed to help non-profits redirect energy expenses into program impact. Nested under the Bluesource name, BSR leverages decades of experience and innovation to continue our legacy of social responsibility. We use our history as environmental market makers to guide Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) through the complex world of energy management.

Non-profits and NGOs must spend billions of dollars each year on non-missional activities, such as paying utility bills. For organizations with constrained budgets dependent on charitable giving, simply keeping the lights on can often feel like a burden. We offer solutions that result in bottom-line savings on utility bills--which translates into more money to put toward your mission. We specialize in energy efficiency audits, utility audits, and renewable energy systems (solar).

As a social purpose company, a significant portion of our profits go straight into our Social Impact Fund where they are allocated to empowering some of the world's most marginalized peoples.