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About Us


  1. A quality or state of balanced, sustainable, connected urban life.
  2. A Washington DC-based company committed to building healthier, more sustainable, more productive cities through innovative infrastructure, technology and communications services.
  3. Creator of Compost Cab.

About Compost Cab

We're a fast-growing pioneer in urban composting and sustainability. A profitable, bootstrapped startup launched in 2010, we’re in the magic business – we take food waste and turn it into food.

We make it easy for individuals, families and organizations to compost in the city by deploying a clean, convenient pickup service. Then we partner with not-for-profit urban farms to help them build the fertile soil they need to grow food efficiently and intensively in the city. In doing so, we’re building an infrastructure to support the growth of urban agriculture.

We believe that the benefits of composting go way beyond the positive environmental impact of waste reduction. Composting is about food production. Nutrition. Education. Job creation. Community building. We're proud to be helping build healthier, more productive, more sustainable cities, one bag of food scraps at a time. More about us at, or @CompostCab.