Green the Map

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About Us

Green the Map is a fair trade eco-fashion arm of Swechha, one of the leading youth and environment organizations of India. Our core lies in the belief of sustainability and livelihood for the producers.

What is Green the Map?

Green the Map was set up by the NGO Swechha in Delhi as a way of raising awareness on environmental issues and providing secure employment with reasonable wages for disadvantaged people. Through reusing waste in innovative ways to create high quality, useful products, GtM empowers consumers to make choices about their shopping habits.

Customers are encouraged to be active citizens who spread an environmental and social message through their consumer choices. We aim to make people think about the issue of waste disposal, and in turn hope to change attitudes. A proportion of GtM profits is used to further develop Swechha’s active citizenship programmes.


India’s recyclers have set up impromptu markets throughout cities where different waste materials are resold. Green the Gap uses juice cartons, rubber vehicle tires, and waste fabrics sourced locally in Delhi. New, high quality products are made with items that have been thrown away, giving them a second life. Nothing is wasted.


The Green the Map workshop is in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi - on the ground floor of the Swechha office. We employ tailors from disadvantaged backgrounds who were looking for better working conditions compared to their previous posts in larger factories in Delhi (where working hours are long, pay is low, and strict production targets must be met). We offer them fair remuneration and decent working conditions, as part of a friendly and small team.


What is Swechha?

Swechha is a movement – a consensus among people about the nature of society, its problems, and possible ways to work towards positive change. We are a youth-run, youth-focused NGO operating from Delhi, India, engaged in environmental and social development issues. We work with and through young people from all walks of life in order to raise awareness and bring about change. For us, 'change' means a transformation in the attitude of the masses, in their perceptions, and simultaneously in the environment - both social and human. We provide support, guidance and a platform for people to ‘be the change’ themselves.