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About Us

Domino Volunteers is a Cartagena-local volunteer organization that believes in the power for positive change when people put their skills, time and resources to use for impact. Our team is dedicated to facilitating and and supporting the connection and collaboration between volunteers, donors and foundations in Cartagena, Colombia.

The Problem: Foundations in Cartagena struggled to find, evaluate and orient quality volunteers. Individuals and larger groups struggled to find impactful & rewarding volunteer opportunities in addition to details like host-families and Spanish classes. Donors struggled to find small-scale, transparent projects where their money or materials could have large impact.

Our Solution & Services: We are 100% locally based in Cartagena, Colombia and have personal relationships with foundations that greatly benefit a community and tell us their needs. If these needs can be fulfilled by an interested volunteer, we create a volunteer position, organize pre-arrival details, orient the volunteer to the project, and support the foundation and volunteer throughout.

To date, we have connected over 350 volunteers to local projects, facilitated over $50,000 USD in direct donations to foundations, and managed over 300 kgs of materials donated to our local communities. We work with over 20 local projects in the following fields: teaching English, sustainable food, girls empowerment, child development, recycling, environmental conservation, peace education, elderly care, sports, fundraising, IT, and media/communications.

For more information on our work and programs, please check out our webpage at, or email us at