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About Us

SheChef, LLC. Is a multifaceted, culinary-based entertainment company based in Brooklyn, New York. Chef Elle Simone Scott, founder, is a proud Detroit native. Coming to New York with “a dollar and a dream”, Elle fought passionately to complete culinary school while working as a full-time social worker. Many sleepless nights paid off when she was offered a prestigious internship at the Food Network. Working alongside the likes of Bobby Flay, Sunny Anderson and G. Garvin, Elle became versed in culinary media and has become a sought after Food Stylist. Elle made her first debut as Culinary Producer for Bravo Networks hit show, Chef Roblé & Co. Season 2.

SheChef, LLC is an umbrella corporation with a multiplicity of services that include mentoring young women in culinary high schools and trade schools, full service culinary media production, exclusive supper club, and culinary concierge services to the stars. SheChef came to be born after Chef Elle worked several years in commercial kitchens and experienced first hand gender biases. She noticed that women were not being promoted as rapidly as male counterparts and were often placed in positions much lower than their skill set. Even after training alongside men, women still remain highly under-represented in the culinary field.

It is Chef Elle’s dream to create a climate where women can be promoted through the kitchen brigade or any chosen culinary genre fairly and merit based. SheChef was born out of her personal principles: honesty, community, and stability.