Impact Hub Boston

  • MA


50 Milk Street
15th Floor
United States

About Us

Impact Hub Boston is a place for social innovators and change-makers to work, meet, connect, and inspire. Members come to Impact Hub Boston to collaborate, access market opportunities, build community, and scale ideas. It is a place-based and online community of entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, artists, funders, students, mentors, community leaders… amazing people doing incredible things that make the world a better place. We borrowed from the best of a member's club, idea lab, and the comforts of home to create a different kind of community. A habitat for people who are changing the world through collaboration, creativity and with a community of their peers.

During the day, the Impact Hub is a dynamic, collision-rich workspace designed by its Members and the wisdom gleaned from Impact Hub communities throughout the world. Social innovators in the Boston area can leave their sterile offices, noisy cafes, and isolated living rooms to work alongside diverse peers in a professionally hosted environment. They can choose the Impact Hub to find the access, tools, community, and inspiration they need to transform their ideas into action.

At night, the Impact Hub transforms into an event platform for member driven collaborations, lectures, screenings, innovation labs, and some of the most compelling and imaginative minds from around the world.

We invite you to become a member of Impact Hub Boston, where you will find your next project, partner, funder, or muse.