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About Us

Runa is a hybrid social enterprise, composed of both forprofit and non-profit organizations in the US and Ecuador. Runa works with indigenous people to share the secrets of the Amazon by creating new markets for products they produce. One of these secrets is Guayusa (“gwhyyou-sa”), a native Amazonian tree leaf that has been brewed like tea by indigenous communities as a source of energy and nutrition for thousands of years. By producing Fair Trade guayusa, Runa creates positive impact using a unique breadth of organizational capacity and flexibility. Our triple bottom line mission: planet, people, profit, works towards rainforest conservation, creation of profitable livelihoods, and promotion of the ancient wisdom of native cultures.

Fundación Runa is the non-profit branch of Runa based in Ecuador. We aim to provide tools and resources to indigenous communities and farmers’ associations, working towards their vision of sustainable development in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We focus on community development and environmental management.

Latest Listings

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Community Development Internship in the Ecuadorian Amazon (Internship)