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About Us

Our mission is to build data systems and tools that get resources where they matter most, nurture autonomy, empower the people, create value and help you make better decisions.

BlueSquare technologies promote smarter allocation of resources in emerging economies - so they get to where it matters most. BlueSquare systems and tools boost the reach, quality and efficiency of public services around the world and give users access to key performance data. They allow users to easily collect, manage, structure, visualize and share data. And create a link between financing and results, by transforming traditional aid into data-driven systems - encouraging better stewardship, accountability and transparency of programs. BlueSquare creates value from data and helps people make better decisions.

Working with governments, NGOs and donors, BlueSquare’s products currently impact over 60 million people in more than 18 countries worldwide. Follow us @BlueSquare_org.