Coming Home Goods

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San Francisco

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About Us

Coming Home Goods upcycles post-consumer textiles into one-of-a-kind home furnishings and provides employment opportunities for the formerly incarcerated. Our social enterprise contributes to San Francisco's green economy and empowers the formerly incarcerated to redirect their lives and become positive forces in their communities and families.

Coming Home Goods was the winner of the ImproveSF "Rags to Revenue" challenge hosted by the City of San Francisco and SFGoodwill. This business idea grew from a genuine need to divert textile waste from our landfills and address the high unemployment rate among the formerly incarcerated. The barriers to employment the formerly incarcerated face contribute to the cycle of recidivism which costs California tax payers hundreds of millions every year.

While still in early incubation, Coming Home Goods hopes to hire and train the formerly incarcerated to make one-of-a-kind quilts, pillow covers, and rugs using upcycled textiles.