Florida Avenue Grill

  • DC


1100 Florida Avenue NW
United States

About Us

We have been in business since 1944 and are very proud of our humble beginnings. We work hard to preserve our place in the community. We are trying to make the Grill the most progressive restaurant possible by being active in advocacy and education around four main areas:

1. Vegan/Healthy Evolution

2. Workplace Justice

3. Culture & Foodways; Black Farmers

4. Homelessness & Poverty

-Towards that end, we host book signings, dinners and events around all of the above issues

-We partner with Restaurant Opportunities Center United (http://rocunited.org) to advocate for increasing the minimum wage

-We hire returning citizens (formerly incarcerated people) some with few skills

-We train those returning citizens in skills needed for success in the restaurant

-We pay all of our servers above the server minimum wage and

-We hire people recovering from substance abuse problems

-We partner with Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (http://www.legalclinic.org) to do Meal for Meal Wednesdays and Goodwill at the Grill Thanksgiving Community Breakfast: every year the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we serve free food to Washingtonians in need. Last year we served over 350 people

-Document the Elders: with filmmakers Haile and Shirikiana Gerima we have embarked on a project to video record oral histories

-Speak to student groups, tour groups about the history of the Grill and U Street neighborhood and Black History in DC

-Offer internships to Howard students

-Provide free meals to members of the local community who need extra support