Hiptipico Inc.

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Callejon Los Buch

About Us

Hiptipico is a socially conscious fashion brand that supports local artisans around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Hiptipico's mission is to support the creativity, ingenuity and passion of local artists in Guatemala. Preserving Mayan culture and traditional customs is essential to Hiptipico's brand. Reinvesting profits into women's cooperatives, family shops and Mayan handicrafters, Hiptipico naturally energizes the local economy while creating access to foreign markets.

Selling 100% authentic high quality merchandize, Hiptipico does not interfere with the design process – customers directly receive artisan-level products.

The word "tipico" comes from the Spanish language and refers to the typical clothing that indigenous Mayans wear in Guatemala.

Our initiative creates a sustainable avenue for local artisans to sell their unique handmade items to a larger global market. Hiptipico strives to find the highest quality items and provide them at a reasonable price for the consumer while providing a steady income for local businesses and their families. Working directly with multiple vendors, cooperatives, and families in Guatemala, Hiptipico cultivates relationships and directly provides additional revenue into the local economy.

The Hiptipico brand fosters an environment for socially responsible consumers who are seeking an alternative to mass-produced and copied designs. Every single Hiptipico item is 100% authentic and is ethically-produced.

Hiptipico honors the Mayan culture, motivates local entrepreneurial spirits and empowers families and communities.