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About Us

Stories make the world.

If we want to challenge injustice, we have to change the stories that perpetuate it.

Stories that tell us that our schools can't be fixed. That blame the losers of the system for their own suffering. That convince us that we're too small, too powerless, too inadequate to create change.

We need bold, visionary changemakers to take up the call to become conscious storytellers.

We need to unleash stories that paint a picture of what's possible.

Students from underserved neighborhoods going to college in unprecedented numbers. Communities coming together to heal and rebuild. People realizing their collective and individual power and acting on it.

We believe that every organization and every leader can tell powerful stories.

That's why we exist.

We make videos and lead workshops that teach changemakers to tell stories that inspire action.

Imagine the world we could create by changing the stories we tell - a world where we remember that we are all fundamentally connected and we each know our power.

Join us.