Appropriate IT

  • DC

About Us

Appropriate IT is a for-profit social enterprise harnessing the power of technology to advance social justice, equitable access, and inclusive international development.

We create game-changing technology interventions not just for, but also by, underserved populations.

We do that with:

  • Innovation Lab, an incubator for social sector organizations & agencies to create game-changing technologies for social change. The Lab pilots innovative solutions, explores emerging technologies, and establishes collaborative ventures in order to create innovative, cross-functional, and cross-sectoral solutions to long-standing social issues.
  • Development Academy, a learning program that spreads the ability to create cutting-edge technology to underprivileged youth, particularly women and girls. The Academy provides software and workforce development trainings in order to develop young people, especially girls, into highly-skilled, employable, and socially-engaged leaders of tomorrow.