Daily Dump

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About Us

Daily Dump is a for-profit social enterprise based in Bangalore, India. It was founded with the aim of promoting responsible waste management, waste segregation and composting. But instead of relying solely on lobbying for legislation that imposes responsible waste management on people, Daily Dump intends to hand the power to the citizens. Daily Dump has designed, tested and made a large range of individual and community composters that it sells through its retail store, outlets, franchisees, online stores and distributors. In Bangalore alone, Daily Dump composters save 80,000 kgs of organic waste from going to landfills every day.

The individual composters of Daily Dump are made from terracotta and thus the products help preserve and support an indigenous craft and artisans. Please visit www.DailyDump.org for more information.

Recycle Guru, a project of Daily Dump, is an online service platform that connects informal waste workers to citizens to promote convenient and effective recycling. Through this facility, the Recycle Guru project is exploring new ways to achieve a healthy, clean city while bringing more dignity to the recycling profession. We have begun piloting the service and are preparing to scale across Bangalore. To find out more – please review our beta site www.RecycleGuru.in