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In 2017, one billion immigrants worldwide will send over $600 billion home to family and friends, dwarfing the foreign governmental aid their home countries receive. In the age of cheap, quick transfers through services like Paypal and Venmo, these people are trekking to stores to pay fees averaging over 7% for transfers that typically take 24 hours or more to reach their recipients.

Wave's mission is to change that by making sending money anywhere in the world as easy and affordable as sending a text. Since 2014, our app has allowed Africans in the US, the UK, and Canada to send money instantly and affordably to mobile money wallets in Kenya, Uganda, & Tanzania, saving our users countless hours and tens of millions of dollars in transfer fees.

We recently launched remittances to Ghana, where we're growing quickly, and are looking to rapidly expand throughout Africa in 2018. That's where you come in... 


We are a distributed group of engineers and ops team members spread across three continents who are extremely excited about our mission. We play in bands, teach dance classes, write for 538.com & the Washington Post, played semi-pro basketball, and take trips to the arctic circle to capture the Northern Lights & a meteor shower all in the same night.