Have A Go

  • California


5224 Allott Avenue
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Our Purpose

We think the future shouldn’t suck.

With global warming, resource depletion, pollution, and traffic, we keep continue moving around in our cities using giant, inefficient, dangerous cars. At the same time, more people than ever are flocking to cities, exacerbating these huge issues.

Mobility is a human right. It should be simple, accessible, affordable. It should not destroy the planet, should not ruin cities, and should not isolate us from each other as cars do. It should also be awesome, fun, exciting, healthy, green, and fast!

That’s why we started Have A Go, to build a better goddamn future! We’re working to make urban mobility accessible, green, and awesome utilizing new electric wheels which also help tackle car related issues such as global warming, resource exploitation, urban health, traffic, and loneliness.