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About Us

BBOXX was founded in 2010 by three engineers who had worked on an electrification project in Rwanda. It produces a range of off-grid solar systems targeting the growing electrification market in the developing world, where its biggest clients are currently across Sub-Saharan Africa but also in Southern America and Asia.

Our main offices are in London, Foshan (China) Kampala (Uganda) and Nairobi (Kenya). The company uses an ERP system at the factory level which is expanding towards our retail markets.

The existing product range of solar kits is currently sold up-front to customers in BBOXX’s main markets and is considered to be one of the broadest offerings in the sector. Starting in 2014, BBOXX is selling its products on payment plans to increase its customer base; BBOXX developed a CRM/ERP software designed to register customers, assess their credit abilities and monitor their payments.