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About Us

Justice Travel bridges travel and human rights, offering unique tours in partnership with advocates and activists, and building a global community to support our partners around the world.

Justice Travel is moving beyond tourism to allow you to truly engage with your world, going behind the headlines and supporting advocates and activists fighting for human rights around the world. From impoverished small farmers in Zimbabwe to young women organizing sweatshop workers in Cambodia, independent journalists in Mexico to LGBT activists in Ukraine, we work around issues that matter, with partners who are brave and committed. Justice Travel is a unique tour company founded around a growing global community.

Our first tours will begin in 2018, offering unique travel experiences together with our partner activists, advocates, and journalists. These tours will allow you to go behind the headlines to meet brave women and men fighting for their communities, looking behind the headlines to see a side of the country that most outsiders never will, and joining a broader community of travelers and activists in your own country.