Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farm

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Plaw Hatch Lane
RH19 4JL
United Kingdom

About Us

Two farms, about 800 acres of land, one community initiative, training for young farmers, biodynamic methods, outstanding farm shops, award-winning organic and biodynamic produce, food so local it has barely moved, and as much community involvement as we can muster.

The land we farm is owned by St Anthony's Trust, a charity that holds the land for biodynamic farming in perpetuity. The farms are owned by 'farm partners' in our local community.

We produce a wide range of foods on the farms to serve our local community - meat, raw milk, cheeses, yoghurts, kefir, cream, fruit, vegetables, flour, eggs. Education is also very important to us, and we host numerous school groups for camping and farm-based learning, as well as teaching apprentices on a 2 year accredited Biodynamic Agriculture diploma and holding community events. We keep land reserved for wildlife and have a dedicated area on the farm for bees in partnership with the Natural Beekeeping Trust. The ethics of the food we produce is of utmost importants, and we endeavour to set an example for the highest animal welfare and care for the land. Both Tablehurst Farm and Plaw Hatch Farm are run as, and by, communities living and working on the farm.