Tamu Bakery Community Interest Company

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4 Gweal Darras
Mabe Burnthouse
TR10 9HQ
United Kingdom

About Us

We are a UK registered social enterprise fighting gender-based violence worldwide through the power of baking.

The concept behind our organisation is a simple one - our supporters order one of our delicious cakes, and the funds are used to run baking therapy sessions with vulnerable and abused girls and women around the world.

The word "tamu" comes from Swahili and is an adjective meaning both 'sweet and delicious', and 'soft and gentle'. We chose this as the name for our social enterprise as it encapsulates our mission to improve the lives of victims of gender-based violence through positive therapeutic experiences.

So far we have run our empowerment training with Maasai girls in Kenya, victims of forced marriage and FGM (female genital mutilation), in Kosovo with survivors of rape as a weapon of war, in the UK with abused women, in Ukraine with war refugees, and in Kyrgyzstan with women affected by bride kidnapping, domestic abuse and human trafficking.