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About Us

Give us the black sheep. We want the artists who are frustrated. We want the ones who have a different way of doing things that nobody’s listening to. (Inspired by Pixar Director Brad Bird)

The BLK SHP Enterprises, Inc. (pronounced “black sheep”) is a BCorporation (benefit corporation) that harnesses the power of business to create public benefit.

The mission of BLK SHP is to build and nurture ecosystems that can help unlock the creativity and voices of socially conscious innovators – what we refer to as “denters” – while providing a platform to create and disseminate cutting-edge thought leadership, art, and socially influential ventures.

In essence, the BLK SHP are a loose guild of America’s leading creative thinkers, writers, policy-makers, artists, entrepreneurs, investors, and social entrepreneurs. Started in 2011, the BLKSHP is an influential community and network with close ties to Genentech, Pixar, Google, General Electric, McKinsey, Starbucks, and many others, as well as thought leadership, media and blogging platforms such as Harvard Business Review, GOOD Magazine, Forbes, The Economist, Mashable, Tech Crunch, Fast Company, and The Financial Times.

The BLK SHP Enterprises, Inc. currently engages in two significant undertakings:

BLK SHP Innovation is an innovation advisory services firm working with Fortune 250 clients and large non-profits. The company is led by founding CEO Casey Haskins, formerly the Chief of Strategic Planning of the multi-national forces in Iraq, as well as the Director of Military Instruction at West Point, where he was one of the Army leaders responsible for leading and developing a more adaptive fighting force. Clients include the likes of Genentech and the Council of Foundations.

BLK SHP Foundationis a charitable foundation advancingthe BLK SHP mission in society, such as through our education reform initiative and related partnerships. One such partnership is with the 92 Street Y in New York City where we host a discussion-action series called “BLK SHP Voices” at the 92YTribeca in order to facilitate important cultural dialogues across generations about America’s biggest long-term challenges.

Periodically, the BLK SHP will also undertake mutual learning “BLKSHP Operations” such as to Number 10 Downing Street, cities undergoing major innovation initiatives such as Detroit, or to a company, such as visits to Pixar for discussions about innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and social entrepreneurship.

BLK SHP is a very diverse and inclusive organization. Anyone can be a BLK SHP, so long as they are working and acting creatively, in concert with the mission. When asked to define BLK SHP values, we like to refer to the 5Cs (creativity expressed):

  • Curiosity: an openness to all diverse points of view, as well as a thirst for learning and growth.
  • Conviction: the ability to articulate and stand for a specific point of view about problems.
  • Courage: the willingness to be misunderstood, sometimes for long periods of time, despite conventional wisdom.
  • Collaboration: generous, humble, and eager to work with others, regardless of social position or status.
  • Contribution: get sh*t done, create social value, and measure outcomes.

In addition, we have “The 5% Rule”: Whether it’s an hour of a day or 5% of a workweek refocused and reworked, BLK SHP asks our affiliated collaborators to turn their focus outward and do something great, something worthwhile with a small portion of their lives. You’d be surprised what can happen with just 5% of your thoughts, energy, and efforts.