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About Us

The Academy Group identifies and invests in extraordinary young people from under resourced communities and prepares them to own, incubate and operate highly successful companies, across sectors.

In 2017, we launched the Chicago Academy, with an enrollment to grow to 1000 students. We expect to establish multiple Academies in cities across the nation in the years ahead. Academy students receive high dosage, individualized academic support from elementary school through college; a case based curriculum focused on building financial and analytic expertise; college and career counseling; rigorous job preparation and; personalized advising and executive mentoring. Students will attend their home schools, colleges and universities – with Academy programming occurring after school, on weekends and throughout the summer. 

In addition, the Academy Group will own significant ownership stakes in companies in different industries. Academy Companies will be “sponsors” of the Academy, providing training grounds, mentorship, work experiences, internships and permanent employment opportunities for the Academy students.  Earned revenue from the Academy Group’s ownership in these businesses will provide sustainable financial support for the Academy and its programs.  


The combination of the Academy Group’s programming and its portfolio of commercial companies will create a self-sustaining source of talent to drive the American economy. In so doing, we will create profitable companies across sectors, transform lives and make America a nation where the best truly can rise - no matter where their journey begins.