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About Us

Beautycounter is a certified B-corp whose mission is to educate families about the toxic and potentially toxic chemicals in the cosmetic products they use every day, and to get safe products into the hands of everyone.  Our CEO is Gregg Renfrew, who helped lay the groundwork for Jessica Alba's "The Honest Company" and our Creative Director is celebrity makeup artist Christy Coleman.

Did you know that Europe has banned almost 1400 ingredients from its personal care products, but the US has only banned or restricted 11?  Or that there is no safety testing whatsoever required for cosmetic and skincare products, and that many of the ingredients allowed in everyday products contain chemicals linked to birth defects, breast cancer, premature development, etc ?

Due to this reality, we seek to engage individuals, whether they are clients or not, to be discerning in their decision making when exercising their power as a consumer, and to provide ways for people to participate in the political process in regards to chemical regulation.  We feel that being a direct retail company creates the best environment to foster this sort of action; the more conversations that are had about the real dangers still present in the personal care product industry.

Our products are a safe and effective alternative skincare and cosmetic products.  In addition to offering beautiful products to satisfy consumer demand, we also have what we believe to be the strictest ingredient screening policy in the industry.