Gone Rural (Pty) & boMake Rural Projects (NGO)

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About Us

Gone Rural (Pty)

Gone Rural is a Swazi hand-craft company and design brand that uses creativity to ignite change on a community level. 

Based in the beautiful hills of Swaziland, hundreds of women can be found weaving together the strands of ancestral knowledge and current cultural influences. Re-thinking and transforming craft, the result is soulful hand-woven work that takes traditional weaves into a contemporary context.

Gone Rural started as a small local business working with 30 women in 1992 and has evolved into an organisation providing home-based income for more than 750 rural women and supplying products far beyond the borders of the Kingdom.

Working predominantly in local natural fibres, the Lutindzi grass is a signature material. This indigenous grass is sustainably harvested annually from rocky outcrops in the mountains of Swaziland.

boMake Rural Projects (NGO)

In 2007, Gone Rural founded boMake Rural Projects (formally Gone Rural boMake). BoMake Rural Projects is an independent non-profit organisation to implement health, education and empowerment programmes to the women and their communities.