Artisan Dental, LLC

  • Wisconsin


10 N. Livingston St.
United States

About Us

Artisan Dental is an independent dental practice offering exceptional quality preventive, cosmetic and restorative dental care for individuals and families. Artisan Dental's mission is to optimize the health and happiness of their patients, team members, suppliers, community, and the planet through exceptional quality care and sustainable business practices.

Their mission will be enacted by providing exceptional quality oral health care that is empathetic, caring and compassionate. They will create opportunities for the growth and development of their team members professionally and personally. The prosperity of the organization will create the conditions for all of its stakeholders to flourish.

They enact their mission with innovative programming such as the:

  • Artisan Dental Health Plan - a preventive and restorative dental health membership plan, enabling access to affordable dental care for people of all ages.
  • Artisan Dental Wellness Series - is a quarterly wellness and community building series, designed to foster whole person wellness, enjoyment and a sense of connection among Artisan Dental stakeholders (patients, staff, suppliers, community and planet).
  • The Artisan Dental Recycling Program - an innovative partnership with Terracycle, Tom’s of Maine and the City of Madison, to offer the area’s first oral products recycling program. Proceeds from recycled items are donated back to local non-profit partners.