Democracy Brewing

  • MA


11 Newport St. Apt #3
United States

About Us

Democracy Brewing is a start-up worker-owned brewery, tasting room and event space. Our mission is to re-create a traditional public house, serve the best beer brewed in Boston, and combine it with the American ideals of democracy and owning your own business. Democracy Brewing will have the atmosphere and camaraderie of a local neighborhood bar, infused with the democratic spirit of a vibrant community center.
We believe the dream of owning your own business shouldn’t be attainable to only a few, and the majority of folks who work should be able to enjoy the profit and pride that comes with ownership.

The brewery’s loftier goals are three-fold:

·      Demonstrate that a successful business can be a democratically governed, worker-owned, and union-represented. 

·      Build community in the neighborhood and the greater Boston area by hosting community organizations, fundraisers, engaging in community service, and promoting arts and culture through film screenings, live music and other events.

·      Dedicate a percentage of profits to support and promote democratic businesses through education, outreach and organizing.

Our mantra: We build success by building community.