The Road Less Traveled

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2331 N. Elston Avenue
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About Us

The Road Less Traveled has educated youth to believe in themselves and their individual and collective abilities for over two decades. We do this by leading young men and women ages 13 to 19 on challenging, stimulating, and mind-and-soul expanding journeys. Our values are simple; get out there, learn new skills, welcome surprise, work together...

The Road Less Traveled is committed to preserving the environment - we work to maintain the character of the lands and the cultures we visit. We acknowledge the influence we have on the earth and on the people we come into contact with, and we strive to teach young people about positive community, personal growth, activism, and the wonders of travel.

Working closely with different communities and environments around the world, we have forged a strong alliance of caring professionals driven by their deep conviction and concern for the future and welfare of others. We have developed an impressive body of knowledge, and utilize innovative methods for informal cultural exchange in the hope of building the foundation for a bright future.

Life moves, changes, begins, ends, challenges, questions, hurts, exhausts, inspires, connects, satisfies, and rewards. Join us as we enrich the world and the lives of others.