AFRIpads (Uganda) Limited

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About Us

AFRIpads (Uganda) Ltd. is a fast-growing social business in Uganda that manufactures and sells reusable (washable) cloth sanitary pads as an impactful feminine hygiene solution for the millions of women and girls in East Africa and beyond. The company’s mission is to empower women and girls through business, innovation, and opportunity.  Headquartered in Kampala, Uganda and with a manufacturing facility in Southwestern Uganda, AFRIpads currently employs over 175 staff.

The company is in its eighth year of operation and has proven itself as the leading supplier of reusable sanitary pads to girls and women in East Africa, with over 2.5 million products manufactured and sold since its inception and multiple local and international awards received for social entrepreneurship. The company continues to expand rapidly with a 70% growth rate and subsidiaries growing in both Malawi and Kenya.