Caleb's Cooking Company

  • District of Columbia


1369 New York Avenue Northeast
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

Inspired by my son who has Crohn's and is on a special diet to manage his disease, Caleb's Cooking Company creates healthy fast food for kids that is grain, gluten, sugar and preservative free (think pizza, chicken nuggets, enchiladas and more). Our goal is to help kids with chronic illnesses feel like "regular kids again" by providing traditional fast food they love, and can share with their friends, but that is healthy and healing. 

I am looking for someone with a big heart and a strong work ethic who believes in our cause and wants to help kids. This is a passion project near and dear to my heart.

I am looking for someone who will work directly with me in the kitchen helping to make healthy fast food for kids - grain, gluten, sugar and preservative free pizzas, chicken nuggets and bean and pork enchiladas. Together, we'll be working to help provide hundreds of thousands of kids, who have autoimmune illnesses, food they have missed for a long time. Most of these kids, like my son Caleb, are on special diets and can't eat any of the food sold on the market today. They feel like outcasts and desperately want to just share a pizza with their friends. We'll be cutting, sautéing, cooking, laughing, singing, maybe a bit of dancing and definitely having a good time knowing that we're helping kids.